A few years ago I decided to have three parties where I would show the Lord of the Rings movies in anticipation of The Hobbit coming to theaters. I figured I would invite a few guys over. Well, a woman I work with overheard me and said she was interested. I thought,”OK. I wasn’t anticipating a woman wanting to see these films but cool.”

These parties have started a beautiful friendship between Kerry, my wife and I. One Friday she texted me and asked if we could pick her up because she was stranded and our house was near the dealership where she had her car.

She has been there for me as well. Last year my dad died and of all the people I’m not related to she came the furthest to show her support for me.

Almost daily we send each other a text to let the other person know we love them. Also, if the weather is bad or we are going to be out of town we let the other person know we are OK. We think of each other as almost like siblings. There are no feelings other than a deep friendship type of love. We would do anthing we could for each other.

God amazes me in the seemingly insignicant events that He uses to make things happen.

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