If I Stand

There are a lot of songs that I love and that mean something to me but none have meant more to me in this year of emotional turmoil than Rich Mullins’s If I Stand. The chorus says: If I stand let me stand on the promise that You will always see me through. If I can’t let me fall on the grace that first brought me to You. If I sing let me sing for the joy that has borne in me these songs. If I weep let it be as a man who is longing for his home.


It has been said that no man is an island. This is certainly true. I couldn’t have made it through this year without the help of so many friends and relatives. How do you ever thank people enough? You can’t. You hear the word “tumor” and your mind automatically says “cancer” and you have to remind yourself of the word “benign”. Most people don’t understand when you say,”If it’s my time, I’m ready.” You don’t want to die. You have a spouse that wouldn’t know how to function without you because you’ve been each other’s other half for so long. You have parents, siblings and extended family that would have a huge hole in their hearts where you belong. So, you hear the word “tumor” and you know the song is right. If you stand it’s by God’s strength, not yours. (Eph. 6:10) If you fall it’s because you’re not perfect and you need God’s grace. (Rom. 5:2) If you sing it’s for the joy, which is deeper than happiness, that lets you know,”If I die, I spend eternity in heaven. If I live, I’m grateful for every day that I get to be with my loved ones.” (Rom. 15:13) If you weep at the loss of a loved one, rejoice for them that they get to go to their final reward and weep as someone who is longing for their home. (I Thes. 4:13-17)


P.S. The doctor said they got 97% of the tumor and they’d never have to perform that surgery again.


Daily Prompt: Value

via Daily Prompt: Value

I value many things. My faith, my marriage and my friendships most of all.

My Friend Kerry

God amazees me in the subtle ways He works.

A few years ago I decided to have three Lord of the Rings parties and invite a few guys over to watch the films to get ready to watch The Hobbit movies that were coming out. Well, a woman named Kerry heard me talking about it and said she’d love to do that. I thought, “OK. I didn’t think a woman would be interested in these movies but that’s cool.”

Well, a couple years later she sent me a text and said she was stranded. Could my wife and I come and pick her up? Of course we could. It worked out well because the dealership wasn’t far from our house.

Then, when my dad died a year ago, she was the person who wasn’t rlated to me who drove the furthest to support me.

Kerry, my wife and I are the closest of friends. There is nothing but the deepest of love between the three of us. There is no jealousy from my wife because she knows she is my world and nothing or nobody will change that.

Kerry and I text each other almost daily to say,”I love you. I hope you’re having a good day.” One day she was freaking out because of bad weather and I texted her with no response. Out of that we now text each other to let the other know we are ok if there is inclement weather or we are on a trip. I live near where we work and she has a standing invitation to stay at our house if she feels unsafe about driving home.

God truly works in wonderful and mysterious ways and will use any situation to His glory.

First blog post

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I will mainly be using this blog to post my writings. I am a Christian poet. I might use this blog to set up a prayer request link. I don’t know. I’m new to this. I have cerebral palsy but I work. This has been a hard year but God has seen me through it. He has never failed me and He never will.